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  • Dictamnus

    It is an endemic herb of Crete, also called "erontas" It grows only on steep slopes and cliffs, so its collection is dangerous. It has been known since the ancient times and its healing properties   are mentioned also by Hippocrates.

    Ancient Greeks were well acquainted with dittany, administering   the herb to stimulate the brain and   enhance   memory.

    Dittany has antiseptic, stimulating and anti-spasmodic action. It is used to heal wounds, to sooth the digestive tract, as well as against the flu and colds. It has spasmolytic action and it contributes to the prevention and treatment of circulatory and cardiac problems, it soothes headaches, and stomach disorders, toothaches and abscesses. It also possesses anti diabetic, emmenagogue but also aphrodisiac action. It creates an excellent drink with delicious aroma and taste.

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