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    Marjoram is one of the most popular Mediterranean herbs grown for its culinary and medicinal values since ancient times. In general, its leaves can be harvested from the plant just after the formation of its flower buds but before flowering.
    Marjoram is a great antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent. As a result, it fights against a variety of common illnesses as food poisoning, staph infection, tetanous infection in wounds, typhoid, malaria, influenza, common cold, mumps, measles.
    Lowering the blood pressure, greatley reducing the risk of hypertension and resultant heart problems.  
    Greatly preventing the build up of cholesterol, reducing risk of hardened arteries
    Aiding in improved blood circulation by dialating the arteries as necessary.
    Marjoram is also an anti-inflammatory herb. Taken internally, it is great at relieving a variety of problems caused by inflammation, including :Asthma, Muscle spasms, Sinus headaches, Migraines, Fever, Body aches.

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