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    Spices are a great way to add flavour to all of your dishes without adding excessive amounts of calories as they are also beneficial for our health.

    For centuries, they have been an integral part of many of the world’s greatest cuisines.

    All of our ingredients are natural and pure, cleaned without the use of chemicals and milled to exact specifications to ensure purity, color and taste.

    Our spice blends are made with premium quality ingredients, always fresh, well balanced, full of flavor and goodness. With over 20 spice blends to choose from, you can make your own fantastic flavored dishes, from spicy hot to ethnic, from Greek traditional cuisine to smoky flavored for your every day cooking. We believe in home cooks!

    • for BBQ

      for BBQ

    • Oregano


    • Dry Tomatoe

      Dry Tomatoe

    • Mix Peppers

      Mix Peppers

    • Chilli


    • Pink Pepper

      Pink Pepper

    • for Fish

      for Fish

    • for Chicken

      for Chicken

    • for Burger

      for Burger

    • for Pasta

      for Pasta

    • for Pizza

      for Pizza

    • for Vegetables

      for Vegetables

    • for Souvlaki

      for Souvlaki

    • for Feta cheese

      for Feta cheese

    • for Tzatziki

      for Tzatziki

    • for Mousaka

      for Mousaka

    • for Stuffed Vegetables

      for Stuffed Vegetables

    • for Greek Salad

      for Greek Salad

    • for Potatoes

      for Potatoes

    • Himalayan salt

      Himalayan salt

    Find our products

    • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Olives


    • Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

      Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    • Olive Paste

      Olive Paste

    • Herbs


    • Honey


    • Spices


    • Greek Coffee

      Greek Coffee

    • Soaps