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  • Dictamus

    The herb of love

    Dictamnus is one of the most famous and rare plants that grows only in Crete. It is found in
    remote mountainsides and deep gorges and its collection is so dangerous and difficult that it
    is said that only the most ardent lovers could scramble on the mountains to gather the pink
    blossoms and present it to their lovers as a proof of their love. Thus, it is also known in
    Cretan dialect as “erontas” love.
    This beautiful herb is recognized by its soft, woolly covering of white-grey hair and deep lilac
    flowers. Its unique aroma is so divine, rich and strong that will stimulate all your senses.
    It is considered a treasure of the Cretan land due to its countless therapeutic properties.
    Moreover, it is classed as "rare" and is protected by the Treaty of Bern.

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